Comprehensive Analytics on Store Performance

Get real-time insights on your customers, inventory, orders and overall business performance from a single dashboard.

Actionable Insights

Actionable Insights

Get the numbers that matter to you the most in realtime on a single, clear dashboard.

Understand the performance of your online store through data-driven actionable insights for future planning, better decision making and improving your marketing activities.

Gain more knowledge on sales perfomance and coversion rates while analyzing your customer data, products perfomance and fulfilment activities.

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Analyze Everything

Scrutinize every aspect of your online store leaving no stone un-turned!
Google Analytics
Complete integration to Google analytics to allow tracking of pages and better understand your audience!
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Revenue Overview
Examine daily net revenue, products sales, revenue margins to understand how how store is faring!
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Orders Reports
View real-time graphical reports of incoming orders, daily order reports and insights on the fulfillment activities.
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Conversion Rates
Compare the amount of online visitors on your store and see how many have completed an order to see if your eCommerce is converting.
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Traffic Numbers
View data regarding the number of unique online visitors to your site, their demographics and what products are being visited the most!
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Financial Data
Collect, explore and review all the financial data necessary to plan ahead and make better informed decisions.
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Marketing Insights
Get actionable data during and after marketing campaigns to understand your customer.
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Customers Dashboard
View the overall customer data and pinpoint the most valuable customers to create targeted campaigns for them.
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Cart Abandonment Rate
See how many people have added items to their carts but not paid for them. Develop strategies to reduce cart abandonment from such data.
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Using Artificial Intelligence, view projections of your online store based on past data and directions on the best steps to follow to archive such!
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